Sabina Leganaru was born in Horezu, Romania, in April 13, 1982. Horezu is a very well known city for sculpture and ceramic artists.
Although she was following her parents guidance by studying Mathematics and Computer Science in high school and University, ever since childhood she started to work in various artistic fields as iconography, easel oil painting, mural painting, graphics and photography.

Due to her passion for arts she won different National prizes in different artistic fields and she had many personal exhibitions.

Going forward, for the next 10 years, she was an artist and manager of her IT Company.

In 2016 she decided to follow her passion for arts by enrolling in the Fine Arts University of Bucharest, she started to fully devote herself to her artistic endeavors.

The two dual sides (Mathematics and Art), fully defined Sabina as an artist. In many ways
the art that she does, painting, graphics, photography is a continuation of her initial education in fix sciences.
About the artist