Sabina Leganaru was born in Horezu village, Romania, on 13th of April, 1982. Her artistic consistency has its roots in Horezu, a village well-known for its tradition in ceramics. Ever since she was a child, painting had an impact on her development. Being silently mentored by her aunt, she started her early career with iconography, and later on she discovered plain-air painting. In time, she developed a certain ability of perceiving color in her own manner and a specific courage in reading a landscape. Amongst other influences in her artistic journey, are worth to be mentioned Juseppe Nubila, italian artist and teacher, Tanvi Pathare, artist and teacher at the Floence Academy, Teodora Capat, a teacher at the Academy of Arts in Stockholm, and Ion Anghel, her current teacher at the National University of Arts in Bucharest.

She defines herself as a twofolded artist, because of her permanent ability to approach a subject in two different manners, having a long-termed background both in Mathematics and Arts. Some of the early influences that remained until the present day are Bruegel, Leonardo da Vinci, Giacometti and Picasso

Backed by a long experience in studying the Dutch painters and achieving a certain level of meticulousness, she is now unveiling a new layer of her expression: searching to dissolve the matter, to decipher the fluidity of movement. Her current works have a strong theme: portrait, human condition and its concerns.

Sabina’s work has appeared in several group exhibitions, such as Parallax Art Fair, in London; “Conception Global Art Collective” in New York, Montreux MAG GALLERY in Switzerland, and a group exihibition in Rome. All the same, she also had a series of solo exhibitions, such as “Karen Millen Store” ,“Weekend Max Mara Store” in Bucharest, and “En plain air”, in Tarquinia and in Subiaco, Italy.
About the artist