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about me

Sabina Legănaru is a Romanian artist and entrepreneur born in Horezu, currently living and creating in Bucharest.

She started drawing when she was a child. She used to draw a lot in school, even though she was in a Computer Science class. She was silently mentored by her aunt in iconography, and later on, she discovered oil painting. 


Sabina loves to combine different tools and techniques. She is in a constant search to dissolve matter and decipher the fluidity of movement. She loves approaching a subject from different perspectives; this is why she defines herself as a two-folded artist. She uses both her analytical skills and emotions to deconstruct various concepts, objects, and realities and realign them to create a new perspective. She ”breaks” things using the fuel of her feelings and the surrounding energy to discover their essence.


Her balanced mix of skills and perspectives (analytical and creative) helped her build and successfully manage two IT companies: one in Romania (15 years and running) and one in New York (5 years and running) with clients from home and decor to fashion. She loves using her creativity to find original solutions in her projects and her analytical side in deconstructing concepts when she paints. It is a great source of joy and motivation for her. 


Freedom is also an essential part of her work and in her life, in general. It drew her to abstract expressionism, the freedom that enriches the admirer’s perspective and offers the artist a larger outlet to a more complex message, a more comprehensive emotional range, and an unfiltered pathway to their internal universe. It is more than what the eye or the soul can “see” from a defined shape.


She believes that everyone has their own unique aesthetic experience. She hopes that her art moves and awakens something in the other and reminds people of their freedom to express themselves and to be.